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Our Bespoke Sound Systems

While Gabriel builds systems for numerous applications, we have principles that apply to everything we build. 


The genius of our systems is our ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.

They are designed to always cover the appropriate area while never scacrificing quality

They are designed to last for a generation

All parts are available for all units and we keep them in stock

We are only a phone call away... You get our cell phone numbers after you buy one of our systems. You will never be put on hold. 

We only use professional gear you can't find at "Guitar Center" or a "Holiday Inn Band" 


We promise clarity, simplicity, and impact. 



A rig we built for Jay-Z, giving him the ability to watch movies and play video games in his dressing room, (at rediculous volume levels) and then take it on the road without fear of damage.
A rig we have in our showroom.  This is always ready to go for customers to hear "what your venue can sound like." This incorporates Mcintosh amplifiers, 100% TAD transducers, BSS processing, and White Instruments EQ's.  Bring your favorite CD, and listen to music like you've never before.
"Since 1968"
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